About Tara Lynn

If I were a secret agent, my missions in life would be titled:

  • Operation Dance Party Starter
  • Operation Make a Friend
  • Operation Pet all the Dogs
  • Operation Hold a Stranger’s Baby <true story…did that in a restaurant so the new parents could eat using both their hands)

I love life. I love sunshine. I love loving on people. But I’m still learning to love myself.

There was a time where I would pray each night asking God to take my life so I wouldn’t have to.

I survived because I had a puppy that needed care.

I survived because there was always that one client session that hadn’t yet been edited and I couldn’t leave them hanging.

This dark time gave me one obsession: the transformative power of love.

  • Love has shaped every part of my life. From being loved by others, to loving others to not loving myself. My battle drives me to make sure YOU know that you are not alone and that you matter. You never know what private hell people are going through.
  • A dog saved my life and I am passionate about celebrating the love of animals and preventing their pain and suffering.

I am on fire when I am able to serve. I am a Christian, using my faith to love on people (aka hold their babies and pet their dogs) without seeming too creepy.

Through InBetween the Blinks Photography, I tell stories that capture the transformative power of love – I use these stories to create change on behalf of humans and animals.

Through the Memory Makers Club, I help moms create and creatively capture a life filled with moments that matter through photography, love and intentional living.

Tara spent 10 years as a TV news reporter telling stories and sharing information with her local community. She has been a professional pet and family photographer for almost ten years capturing the moments we sometimes miss in the blink of an eye and the magic in between. She is married to a fellow Tar Heel, has two young daughters and a baby boy due November 2019! She is also the proud mom of Baxter, her 11-year-old rescue pup who changed her life when she saw his adoption photo online and drove 2.5 hours to welcome him to her family in 2008.